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Track Name: 02 Material Thing$ Hard To Deal With (Feat. Cyhi The Prynce) [Prod. By J. Padron & Villo]
[Intro: Trinidad Jame$]
This your main man
T-Jame$, you already know
And I can't talk to everybody face to face
So I gotta do songs so hopefully you listen
Cause it doesn't matter what I say
How you take it is the only thing that matters
My nigga

[Hook: Trinidad Jame$]
Hoes, clothes and that money
Hoes, clothes and that money, I said
Hoes, clothes and that money
Hoes, clothes and that money
You get money, you get hoes
You get money, you get clothes
You get money, you get hoes
I said hoes, clothes and that money

[Verse 1: Trinidad Jame$]
If you never knew nothing, know nothin' (god damn)
All the money in the world ain't nothin'
You can't please these bitches for nothin'
All these bitches wanna think they somethin' (they not)
Smoke a blunt blunt, bitch bitch (calm down)
Have respect for a nigga when a nigga come down
Do [?] niggas if you claim you down
I'm rain with the weather when I come down
Coming down was the shit, comin' up was the hard part (yess)
Knowing in your heart cuz' you asked for it
Prayin' up to god for a chance (chance)
A chance (chance) a chance (chance)
To change your life for what you want
Forget about them baby what you want?
Baby in the end that's all that counts
So live, love your life now

[Bridge: Trinidad Jame$]
What's your addiction?
You sit back and think about it
Is it more than one?
Well, mines's is the

Hoes, clothes and that money
Hoes, clothes and that money, I said
Hoes, clothes and that money
Hoes, clothes and that money

[Verse 2: Trinidad Jame$]
Uh, I got a ho addiction (okay)
And Her addiction (yeah)
Is a coke-sniffin, pill-splittin' young missis
Cali' brought her to that A-town
That A-town brought that freak out
So every time she be 'round
I get the pussy and beat down, b-beat down
And I beez out, can't lay up
Or lay down, can't make your baby feel comfortable
Like I wanna be your man now
The reality of this situation
Is a tragedy, if I don't say
The things that you wanna hear
Is the things that I won't say (I won't say)


[Verse 3: CyHi the Prynce]
All she say is "Can you buy me those?"
"Take me out I like papa does"
She love the mall she like to shop for clothes
She a gold digger and I'm a pot of gold
But the bitch can't even make sloppy joes
I dont ever spend the night, I'm like "Adios!"
If we got pulled over by the police
That's the only time I aloud with hoes
All the real niggas sayin "Chuuch!"
The only thing missing is the choir robes
Pimpin' is like being a firefighter
'cuz you always got the fire hoes
You just another escort at the airport
Only fuck with niggas if they playin' sport
But she prefer rappers, that's her favourite choice
So when she find out who i was, it just made her moist
Mm-mm-mm ol' thirsty bitch
A nigga bought her everything, She don't work for shit
The ho suck dick for every purse she get
So when you really think about it, she ain't worth the list
Homie you can have her now, wether first to hit
Boy I'm all about the money, I dont flirt with chicks
At 17 I fucked my teacher, she was 36
So all the playas in the building seen the word to diss


Changin' before our eyes
New world
Changin' before our eyes
New world
Changin' before our eyes
Before our eyes, before our eyes
Track Name: 03 $hut Up!!! (Feat. Travi$ Scott) [Prod. By Young Chop & Travi$ Scott]
[Hook: Trinidad James (Travis Scott)] x2
We gon' fuck this bitch up
We gon' tear this shit down
(I'm rollin' weed straight off this bitch, nigga)
We gon' fuck this bitch up
We gon' tear this shit down
(Fuckin' 'round with that, nigga)
We gon' fuck this bitch up
We gon' tear this shit down
(A hundred shots to the head, nigga)
We gon' fuck this bitch up
We gon' tear this shit down
(I wouldn't fuck with that, nigga)

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
But you don't hear me though
Skinny young nigga in the cameo
Doin' big runs at the liquor store
Let me in this bitch
Hit the back door, I'm feelin' it
Fresher than a motherfucker, killin' it
Have a little taste of the Black Ace
Lean with the Sprite, turn a little grape
When I'm on the screen with the double O theme
Live a dream, [?] did a scene
Better duck, better duck when a nigga buck
Shooters at your house, 'bout to light it up
Haven't seen the last niggas in about a month
Kickin' down your door, don't give a fuck
Bounce in this bitch, bounce like you've been to the N.O.
Hookah flavors got these niggas turned into bitches, lil' hoes
And the hood niggas are them to watch
Run up the block, grabbin' that heat from the rocks
And your party like boom!, don't care what your party like boom!
And then we gon' burn the roof

[Hook: Trinidad James (Travis Scott)] x2

[Verse 2: Trinidad James]
I said fuck it, I went in nigga, and I lost it
I said fuck it, I went in nigga, and I bought it
Security let me through before I act a fool, pussy
Security let me through before I act a fool
Don't pat me down, nigga, I might Pacquiao the next
I say don't even laugh when I'm passin' y'all niggas
I say pull out the strap, and blast for y'all niggas
I say pull out the strap, and blast for your face
I'm a flashy young nigga, I be flexin' on niggas
I say your bitch , she showed me them titties
Her nigga into crime, he say he 'on't like him
I say aww shit, that nigga 'bout to fight

[Hook: Trinidad James (Travis Scott)] x2
Track Name: 05 Quez (Feat. Fabo Of D4L, Danny Brown & Playa Fly) [Prod. By J. Padron & Jack Donaghue]
Alright dirt, let's go
(I'm too fucked up)

I'm too fucked up (x4)

I need a trippy bitch, I ain't with that cute shit (x4)
I'm too fucked up (I'm too fucked up) (x8)

[Verse 1: Trinidad James]
My nigga what you need?
My nigga what you smoke?
My nigga what you drank?
My nigga pour a fo'
Nosebleed, nosebleed
My nigga, what you snort?
I took a hundred shrooms
I need a hundred more
I need a trippy bitch
She fuck on Hennessy
She got that Miley Cyrus
White girl shaking
Now watch her shake (bust)
Now watch her shake (bust)
Now watch her shake
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


[Verse 2: Fabo of D4L]
I'm still seeing spaceships on Bankhead,
I'm too fucked up
I need a trippy bitch, ratchet bitch
The one that like the drugs
She addicted to the club
Ain't with the cute shit
I'm looking for a hundred piece
That's got the real freak in her blood
I'm two fucked up, already doubled up
Bands'll get her naked like a birthday
Bougie, cute, gold digger
Hold up, you got the wrong nigga in the first place
I like to see her spread her legs in the two seater
Wet and hot, runnin' like a meter
Tellin' me, all she want me to do is beat it
Got her leakin' by the litre
So I eat her cause it's sweeter
I need a real trippy bitch when I'm fucked up
Ain't with that cute shit in my spaceship
Gas blowin' on your way out
Tell your homegirl to come in
Cause your ass can't stay here

[Verse 3: Danny Brown]
Hell yeah I play with my nose,
Got powder stains on designer clothes,
I be rollin' off of them crystals,
Got a nigga brain feelin' like a launch missile,
God damn right,
Off that thizzle, Bitch I'm ballin, blow my whistle,
Smokin' on a Bobby Johnson,
Got felatio at my concert,
Knockin on them hoes tonsils (2x),
Got my cock all up in her noggin,
When I be shoppin',
And she callin' callin' me daddy,
Got road head up in that caddy,
And she the driver
And I can't explain nothin'
But I know one thing it was fatal,
I be higher than a motherfucker,
Fucked up, turn down for what?
I wanna fuck, she wanna fuck,
So we hit the BP to grab a rum,
Copped a Fiji and a box of magnums,
Hit that bitch with that arm and hammer,
Dope dick, stay focused,
Need a trippy bitch...
I got a 20oz, couple lines in it
..but sure I'm finished
Heart beat sound like I'm playin' tennis
Drinkin' Dr. Pepper, looking just like dentists
Looking for a trippy bitch
That cute shit I ain't with that
Ratchet bitches getting turnt up
Off a couple pills and a six pack


[Verse 4: Playa Fly]
I'm too fucked up
My crew fucked up
My boo fucked up
They rubbed me up too much
That made me tough
So now I'm too turnt up on O-Zs of OG burnt up
I be in chronic city
Player fly to funky town
Codeine and prometh and tussin'
Next there to wash 'em down
Pop me a roxy, percocet
Or a lower tab
I'm on that molly, plus that Madonna
I'm going mad
...til the diz-ay I diz-ie
Set that shit back I'm crownin'
They still live by the now, fly
Need my bitches fire
I need my bitches hiz-igh
So high we gettin' sky
Til they can't take no more now they fly
They soakin' wet, never try
And overflow of supply
The truth they cannot deny
And givin' only a try
No ho, no owe me no lie
Keep dummy promises from me
The influence I'm under
But I'm on top of this money
Say, what's funny honey
Don't see no laughing stock
Not your Winnie The Pooh
But do want into your honey pot
Turn down the giggle box
Turnt up her kiss my spot
Gyrating and motivating on chemicals
Recreating Woodstock
I wish I would stop
Like they say turn down for what?
Before they turnt up, get crunk
I come to get niggas buck
And now they stuck with me
And trill and buck with me
I need a trippy bitch to come get fucked up with me

Hold up, man
Y'all just heard that shit?
Man, y'all playin'
Anyways man, where my homegirls?
I don't have groupies
I have homegirls
All my homegirls bob your head with me one time
Track Name: 06 HomeGirl$ [Prod. By J. Padron & Villo]
If you a bad bitch
Show them titties, ass meat
Tell a broke bitch, watch me
Watch me, watch me, watch me
Ball, ball, ball, ball
Watch me ball, ball, ball
Wa-watch me, ball, ball, ball
Watch me, ball, ball, ball
Watch me

[Verse 1: Trinidad James]
You better watch that bitch
Cause she watching your nigga
You better watch your bitch
Cause she here up on her nigga
I'm not about the issues
I'm just trying to tell
He looking for your bitch
My dick said you just missed her
Nigga my bang, nigga my hoops may be like (?)
I say this song for them bad bitches, they ain't showing no tracks
This song for them white girls who thick nigga, like they black (Nicki)
This song for them ratchet bitches who nigga tatted on they neck


[Verse 2: Trinidad James]
She get her own money
She don't need no nigga
Nigga's ain't shit
Hoes ain't either
She only chase her dreams
She don't chase no nigga
She only save her gas
She ain't saving no nigga
She'd rather shop than to watch your kids
Get a lil green, she ain't getting pregnant
Nigga's pay for pussy, nigga pay your bill
You only got dick, nigga how she gon' live?
Get a job

Track Name: 07 Jumpin Off Texa$ (Feat. Rich Homie Quan) [Prod. By Young Chop]
[Hook: Rich Homie Quan & Trinidad James)
Boy I'm 'bout my dollar hate to follow I'm a leader
James up in the crowd while I'm standing on the speakers
Your ho got me fucked up talkin' like I need her
Trinidad look at the crowd and I'm like "watch out for them peoples!"
(Aw shit!) He bout to:

[Trinidad James:]
Jump up off the stage
Nigga I'm jumpin off the stage
I'm turnt up in this bitch, nigga, I'm jumpin' off the stage (Bitch!)
Jump up off the stage
Nigga I'm jumpin off the stage
I'm turnt up in this bitch, nigga, I'm jumpin' off the stage

[Verse 1: Trinidad James]
Oh lord! These niggas mad!
They seen Rich Homie, then they seen 'dad!
All we get is money, all my bitches bad
Nigga you wanna fight? Then bring yo' ass!
Nigga I'm turnt up, I don't think you know me
You let us in yo' club, we tear it up, call the police!
*sirens* Wait, fuck the po-lice! Wait, fuck the po-lice
Nigga, fuck the po-lice
Came in nigga no shirt
Left nigga wit yo' ho
It's a damn shame how these hoes work
They see James and them hoes twerk
It's a damn shame how these hoes work
They see James and them hoes twerk
Buss' it, buss' it, buss' it buss' it buss' it BITCH


[Verse 2: Rich Homie Quan]

The crowd lookin' at me, but I don't do no jumpin'
Trinidad with me, so, that's a whole lot of money homie (Rich Homie!)
Mothafuckin' stage, big star, hol' up wait a minute'
You let the swoop charge you for the pussy
And I ain't have to pay to hit it
Stop playing with me, stand up get knocked down
I got your mothafuckin' daddy with me, hands up in that crowd
He bout to jump in he got [?]
No legs I run wit' cha
Go ahead I'll come get it
And I'm smart wanna fuck dumb bitches
Better watch out, I heard he like to jump off in the crowd
I'm the laid-back type see I might jump off on on the couch
Rollin' on that molly, wanna fuck a bitch now
By the end of this song I bet they shut this bitch down

Track Name: 09 Ro$enberg$ [Prod. By Westwood]
Ayy Man..Shit I'm just doing me.
I'm not on what you on.
There's only one car in my lane
And my manager drives it, bitch!
God gave you an opinion,
But a nigga like me don't give a fuck
Shit, I mean...

They fucking with me cause im real (real)
They fucking with me cause im real (real)
They fucking with me cause im real (real) Bitch! (2x)

If I ain't doing what I'm supposed to do,
Then tell me what i need. (4x)

I already proved that I can make a banger, nigga.
For the free.
Now check my call log, I got Lex Luger, nigga.
For the beat.
I'm T.I.G now. We the new look.
Don't look (look) in the whip (whip)
Cause yo bitch might be in it. (oops)

Got an evil twin named T. James
Who eats lames
And give beats flame
Give yo bitch a lil sugar and now she call me Sweet James.
It's cool niggas and it's you niggas. And my swag, achoo nigga.
God bless you man cause I fuck with you.
God bless you man cause I fuck with you.

They fucking with me cause im real (real)
They fucking with me cause im real (real)
They fucking with me cause im real (real) Bitch! (2x)

If I ain't doing what I'm supposed to do,
Then tell me what i need. (4x)

[Verse 2]

I'm back, back. Gotta thank West for this track, track.
I get beats, go ham on 'em. Nigga no lie, now that's facts.
"Is he still fucking with me?" I hate when niggas ask that.
How am I doing? Nigga, why the fuck you can't ask THAT!?
Fuck it man, y'all niggas ass-back.
Worse nigga if you ask me.
All in my face now but you wasn't fuckin' with me just last week.
My partna partnas is my partnas partna.
These new niggas ain't my partnas partna.
Track Name: 10 Ea$tside (Feat. Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Alley Boy & Childish Gambino) [Prod. Young Roc & J.Padron]
[Produced by J. Padron & Young Roc]

Fuck 'em up
You don't like me nigga, then fight (Fuck 'em up) [x6]

Y'all niggas can't do shit (bitch)
Y'all niggas can't do shit, I said now [x8]

[Verse 1 - Trinidad James]
I'm in DC with them Clipses
Cali, call up Nipsey
In Philly, I know Meek
I know Meek and Omelly
I call up Bigga Rankin
Nigga down in that ?
Shout out to them bad bitches
KOD Miami
Salute to them Haitian niggas
Hot down in Little Haiti
Salute to Jimmy nigga
Harlem going crazy
I'm good nigga, even in Texas
Better watch what you rap about
I call up the Prince boys
I know you heard about Rap-a-lot


[Verse 2 - Gucci Mane]
Guwop or doo-wop
I'm a trap nigga, I'm not hip-hop
Jumping out a Phantom with the Louis flip-flops
My clip long like tube socks
If you say something, I'mma spray something
Wanna fuck some and I'mma pay something
Had a threesome with your BM
And my young niggas'll take some
Take money to make money
I'm a great ape with this AK
Banana clip for these monkey niggas
I'm a millionaire, but a country nigga
Half a mil on a dice game
Three mil on my ice game
Was all good 'til your wife came
It's Gucci Mane, you in my lane


[Verse 3 - Young Scooter]
Quarter million dollar worth of jewelry, I'm a lick
You haters sittin' plottin'
Y'all niggas ain't gonna do shit
My name ringing bells cause I done took a lot of bricks
Independent major label deal, I'm filthy rich
Little Mexico lingo
We got a home where we make kilos
You say you move kilos
But nigga, you still stuck on zeroes
Fake rappers, I don't like
All I rap is white
VVS my ice
Nigga, fuck your highest price


[Verse 4 - Alley Boy]
Alley Boy don't play
Little Trouble don't play
Bitch ain't gonna play, Little Ricky don't play
Get you take, new face in the A
These young shooters gonna do what I say
New king of the south, they can't do shit
Atta boy, 2Pac in '96
But I ain't get shot, I'mma kill me a bitch
Get Zone 6, I'mma wrap these bricks
? eye for an eye
War cry nigga, these bullets gonna fly
From 1 to 6 dare nigga to try
Pussy went blind from all that fire
With my gold grill and my gold Bentley
Black father, nigga, no flexin'
Y'all niggas can't do shit
Fuck 'em up, you better stay red


[Verse 5 - Childish Gambino]
Pull up in an Audi, they don't know shit about me
These rappers are so inventive
Your Maserati is rented, my second house is in Venice
3rd in Kaua'i, I got a bird cause I'm fly, I don't wanna brag
These niggas wanna break my neck
They could, I'm a buck fifty when soaking wet
My hood got a clear port and an ocean deck
I made a hater eat words, watch him choke to death
Back for more, fuck it, I'mma rap some more
I got some white girls with me like I'm Macklemore
My back is sore, from whippin' in the Jaguar
I'm the goat like a motherfucking Capricorn
Yeah, I hate whack niggas, that's my fucking problem (Tru!)
I'm too turned up like like the fucking volume
These niggas get dropped like my fucking albums
Eastside, Stone Mountain